• Utopian to think a zero waste world is possible?
  • Utopian to imagine daily items based on aeronautical technologies? 
  • Utopian to gather craftsmen, designers and engineers around a common passion?
  • Utopian to share it with you?
  • Utopian to be UTOPIC?


The concept

  • An exceptional material : 100% upcycled, smart & strong : u-carbon® (
  • A state-of-the-art society : ReUSE COMPOSITES INNOVATION
  • A well-known designer and committed into the utopic issue


The solution

  • High quality items designed to last
  • Items made on demand according to your wishes
  • Numbered items which enable to trace back the path on the recycling issue…


The spirit of UTOPIC

UTOPIC : "upcycling topic" is a smart solution to this industrial and environmental issue: what to do with the aeronautical carbon fiber scrap?

This necessary whereas imperfect concept cannot be considered as the foolproof response, as it doesn't radically tackle the problem (which is to reduce waste) but it present a vision to limit the impact of production on our lives from today on. We aim at gathering several players, with their own competences, in order to create a smart and powerful product as a double standard. We work on a cross-sectorial base from the creation of a table or a knife to the design of a boat, each answering the same requirements. Here are the four intrinsic elements to reach our standards: our u-carbon material made from 100% upgraded fiber, the ReUse COMPOSITE INNOVATION expertise to produce the item, the designer who gives the product its smart appearance, and a product expert as manufacturer. All this is clearly irrational, but what could be more thrilling than having access to the state-of-the-art aeronautical technologies to imagine new horizons for our everyday items ?


U-carbon® material

U-carbon® is a 100% aeronautical carbon fiber scrap material. This high quality fiber provides its exceptional properties to our U-carbon material which enables to push the boundaries of conception toward ever more lightness and refinement. The ReUSE COMOSITE INNOVATION technology provides good reliability to our long lasting products.