Gaspard GAUGAIN 

Gaspard Gaugain graduated as aeronautical engineer and soon developed a love for design in which the search for simplicity through details becomes an obsession.

"Carbon fiber and aeronautical manufacturing technologies enable to push the boundaries of conception. I aim at exploiting the qualities of the u-carbon® material in order to imagine light and refined everyday items which recall the story of the u-carbon material."

Christophe GUERIN 

Christophe Guérin is an objects and space designer who develops in partnership with UTOPIC an iterative technique based on aeronautical carbon fiber scrap upgarding, aiming at promoting u-carbon®,a secondary raw material, through design.

"My goal is to design an innovative affordable range of upgraded u-carbon®, trying to put foward the history of this material and a committed approach of a 100% French recycling."

Coutellerie CHAMBRIARD

Located in Thiers, the french capital of cutlery, the coutellerie Chambriard offers about 5,000 items (such as pocket knives, table knives, profesional knives or art knives etc.) from about 60 local cutleries among the hundred existing ones.

This patented and protected knife exists in 8 ranges : "Compagnon", "Compact", "Grand Cru", "Table", "Dessert", "Trappeur", "Trappeur grand cru" and the kitchen range "Grand Gourmet".